This is American Idol…

22 02 2007

American Idol

It’s that time of the year! This great indulgence of Americana kicked off last night with the top 12 guys performing. It started off a little week, the first few did the normal classics and ended up being a little cheesy. But from the middle of the pack on it got good. The thing that is setting this group apart is the fact that they are actually doing good, new, popular songs. Here are some examples and my favorites last night.

Blake LewisBlake Lewis was the first up. He came in during his initial audition and did some beat-boxin’. This normally spells death for a contestant because this is a singing competition. But “my dawg” can sing! For his song in this round he sang “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. A modern, popular song that is right on the edge between a ballad and up-tempo. And he’s not even the best singer out of the bunch but he has that cool(not cocky), hip vibe to him. I think that will get him pretty far… maybe top 6?

Chris SlighNext up, Chris Sligh! Look at this dude… he’s a big goof ball! He doesn’t look like he should be anywhere near a stage. Kind of like me, unless I’m behind a set of drums! Anyway, he came out and sang a awesome song that no one knew and rocked it! The song was “Typical” by Mute Math, and happens to be one of my favorite bands! Ok that might have something to do with Chris being one of my favorites. But the fact is he came out and really did a great job with a song no one knows! He’s like-able, funny, and he can sing. I think he’ll make the top 12, but lets face it… he’s the chubby guy this season(Yes, I know Sundance is there but he’s terrible, and I’m saving him for my “best chest hair” award). And the chubby guys don’t usually(except for Ruben) make it very far into the top 12. Sorry Chris… luv ya dawg!

As I’m here watching the girls perform tonight, with 4 left to perform, not a ton of them are sticking out. If I had to pick 2 favorite to make it to the top 12 right now: Sabrina Sloan, and Stephanie Edwards. She hasn’t gone yet tonight, but I’m pulling for Gina Glocksen. She’s a rocker, I think she is doing a Pretenders song tonight. She’s also been on the show before but didn’t make it past the Hollywood week and now has another chance. Alright, I’m out… gotta go watch Simon tell people the truth. Let me know what you guys think. Peace!


I want to be Tom!

15 02 2007

Tom Banner

I loved watching Magnum, P.I.! You know that part in the openning credits were he raises his eyebrows… yeah, that part…wen I was little I could do that part like a champ! So it shouldn’t be a surprise that everynow and then I’ll break-out the ol’stache.

Mustache and Me Mustache and Me 2

I feel I can get a really nice full mustache going on when I want to. And thats why I’ve decided to throw my “hat” into the ring! I HAVE decided to compete in David & Ezra’s Quasi-Annual Mustache Contast!

Mustache Contest

I’m so amped, believe it or not, to do this. The contest runs Aug. 1st – Oct. 31st. You can can read more about this years contest and see awesome pictures from past years contests here!

You’re What?

12 02 2007


Ok, ok… I thought I had heard everything, but this was a new one. Last Saturday, I awoke to my wife kissing me good-bye as she left to hit-up the gym. Next thing I know I’m having a bad dream, my cell phone is ringing, hollering at me! Wait… it’s not a dream. My wife was calling me 5 minutes after leaving the driveway.

J – “Hello… ”

L – ” Hey, sorry… can you come shut the car door?”

J – “Wh, What?”

L – “I couldn’t open the door to the Explorer, so I popped the rear window hatch and climbed in that way. I thought I could open the door from the inside, but it’s frozen shut and now the rear window is wide open.”

J – “…”

L – “Are you there? Can you come out and and close the door… I’m trapped in my car!”

J – “You’re what?!?!”


At this point I’m still trying to gather my wits while peering out the blinds. I see my wife throwing her shoulder into the door, trying to free it from it’s frigged grip.

What did I do? I went back to sleep! Just kidding, I went out and shut the rear window and then went to bed… just as I’m going to go do now! Good night!

The Accident

3 02 2007

The Accident Banner

Guess how my workday started on Thursday?!?! I love 95 in the mornings, back-ups usually start around the White Marsh exits. That was spot on for this particular Thursday. The traffic started crawling between 5-10mph. Back and forth went the different lanes. I found myself in the far left lane, when I should have been closer to the far right. It’s cool though, I saw a break in the lane to my right coming up. OK (I thought to myself)… wait for it, wait for it… last car has passed, do a quick head check of my blind spot. Then I started changing lanes… WHAM!!! I turned to see that in the 1.5 seconds it took me to check my blind spot and start over into the next lane, my current lane had come to a complete stop and I had clipped the right rear of the person in front of me. I can’t remember for sure, but I might have tossed out one or two curse words… oops! The car I hit was carrying 5 people and they were on their way to WVU in Morgantown, WV. They were trying to get there in time for one of them to sign up for spring semester. Needless to say they were going to be a little late! Lets check the list for today, shall we?

  • Rear end someone on the 95 CHECK
  • Make insurance rates go up CHECK
  • Miss a half-day at work CHECK
  • Ruin someones dream of getting into WVU PRICELESS!

Do you want to look at my damage? Maybe if we look at it together something magical will happen…accident pic