Calling all designers…

21 03 2007

Hydro 74

Back in action! A lot of stuff going on in my life recently… good stuff! I’ll write about that later, not tonight.

Alright, so my homeboy from the sunshine state turned me onto this design firm, Hydro 74. They’ve done things for most of the major surf and snowboard companies. So, if you have a dominate right brain or you just think you do, check out their dope website —> Hydro 74! I promise you’ll like it, if you have any taste…
Also, as an added bonus for the designers out there… I have posted a link to there blog in my ‘blog roll’. Every now and then they’ll post some vector art that they haven’t used or that they just don’t want anymore. For FREE! Cool? OK, go check it out…


I want to be Tom! Vol. 2

15 03 2007

Tom Banner

Alrighty, I wrote a few weeks ago about my current facial hair and my desire to rock a mustache as well as Tom Selleck. If your “scroller” isn’t working you can CLICK HERE to read “I want to be Tom! Vol.1”.

I received some great feedback from most of you on that post, so I decided to put my professional skills to work and give you all a little treat. I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but everyone that has seen this so far has died laughing… seriously, I’ve had to do some serious explaining to the authorities so far! So if you dare, click the thumbnail below to get a better look…

Jeremy Selleck

I’m sure more will be follow… Enjoy!

WOW!!! VW Golf Mk3 580hp…

14 03 2007

I know I promised that my mustache pics would be up last night, but it didn’t happen. I’ll see if I can get them up today. But in the mean time check out this video of a VW Golf Mk3 blowing past all these euro super cars! Click HERE for the video…

It’s March… It’s Madness… MADNESS!!!

13 03 2007


One of the best times of the year, March Madness is here! Maryland is back in the tourny after a short two year hiatus. The Terps have a #4 seed which lines them up to play Davidson in the first round. This should equal a win, but all you Terp fans know we’ve been here before and lost to an underdog. Come on DJ… bring the intensity!
DJ Stawberry

Check back for more updates throughout the next couple weeks!

Sweet 16

7 03 2007

American Idol

The guys top 8 tonight… good, not great. Unfortunately, that sums up the night for me. You’ll hear it a few times in my run down of the top 8.

So here is how it’s going to work – I’ll give you the “Idols” name, the song or artist they sang and short little comment about their performance. I’ll have a little thumbnail icon of my top favorite of the night. Also, I’ll mark my two picks to get axed the following week(Yes, I know that only one guy leaves each week). Sound fair? Awesome, ’cause you really don’t have a choice.

Guys Top 8 Rundown:

  1. Blake LewisBlake311/”All Mixed Up” – Look everyone, I said it before and I’ll say it now, this guy is going far into the competition. Every week he picks good, popular, cool songs! America is going to love him. I for one am tired of hearing the contestants come out, try to belt out Stevie and Mariah, and pretend to like it! You go, Blake… here is your pass to the final four, you may pass GO and collect $200.
  2. SkullSanjayaJohn Mayer/”Waiting for the World to Change” – I don’t know if I spelled his name right, and I don’t care. Three words: Uncomfortable, Weak, Bye!
  3. SundancePearl Jam/”Jeremy” – Good news and more good news this week Sunny… Good News: Good song for you, sounded good I thought. More Good News: You wore an under shirt underneath your shirt this week! From all 32 million viewers in America, thanks for not showing your Chewbacka chest this week.
  4. Chris RichardsonKeith Urban/”?” – Good job, but please stop trying to be Justin Timberlake! I agree with Simon… good, not great. Something just weirds me out about this guy, can’t place my finger on it.
  5. JaredStevie Wonder/”?” – Dawg, don’t you know they have a Stevie Wonder night every single year! Don’t blow it on this week. You sounded like you were just barely getting those high notes, maybe straining a little bit? Overall top 12… maybe. Overall top 8… no!
  6. Brandon?/”I Just Want to Celebrate” – Great job tonight. He is definitely better than he has shown so far. Watch this one! See ya next week, Brandon.
  7. Skull PhilLeAnn Rimes/”?” – Phil… dude… sorry that wasn’t good! Your eyes did look scary. I like you, but that was BAD! Danger Will Robinson! DANGER!!!
  8. Chris Sligh?/”?” – I like Chris a lot, but the judges were right.. you can do better!

I love that this year people are doing songs that are current and popular songs. Some people are still trying to hang on to the oldies and just do it up like every other year. As you can see my two picks for the bottom 2 on the Guys side: Sanjaya and Phil. One of you guys will be ousted, rightfully so, and one of you will be REALLY lucky to be here another week. I will be totally shocked if Sanjaya sticks around for another week. Tomorrow night at 8pm it’s the girls. Unfortunately, I will be probably sitting in a airport, waiting for them to de-ice our plane. Lathroum, out!

7 03 2007

American Idol

It’s American Idol time! Guys night tonight… update forth coming, after the show! My man Blake is first! Stay tuned!

More than meets the eye…

3 03 2007

Short post tonight… haven’t been on in a while. It doesn’t matter anyway, no one looks at my blog besides family. And the ones who do don’t comment. Ok… I’ll stop crying!

Can’t wait for the Transformers movie to come out this July! I know I’m a dork, I accepted it a long time ago! While your thinking of how to comment, watch the new trailer…

Transformers – More than meets the eye!