New Theme

29 11 2007

New Theme

I haven’t posted at all this week, and probably won’t get to until this weekend. I’m busy with side work going on… it’s a good thing! Anyway, I changed my theme to reflect the season. Hope you all enjoy… Cheers!


Mute Math show – Oct. 19th… God was there!

22 11 2007

Mute Math

i’ve been wanting to post on this for a while! it has just been a matter of getting my pictures together and all…

i had been looking forward to this show for a while. i’ve been listening to Mute Math since their EP came out so i was super excited when i heard they were making a stop in B-more!i had seen late night sow performances and they were nothing less then 10 stars above the rest!

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Cartoon Time

16 11 2007

this describes most of my days at work… enjoy

Work Cartoon

—— —- — – — —-…

14 11 2007


the title pretty much sums it up! just an old picture i found from two summers ago… of course it’s —–! Read the rest of this entry »


12 11 2007


i have a new blogging friend… she has been an old friend of mine and family friend of my wife’s family. You can check out Libby’s blog HERE. I’ll also put it up in my blogroll.

Ask to see her tattoo… she’s in my “Cool Tattoo Club”… we are the only two so far. 😦 Not so cool, uh?

Yum… Fresh Baby

12 11 2007

Fresh Baby

with all the baby talk I figured now was the time to post a story I have been holding onto for a while. when laura and i first started trying to have kids i had one of the strangest dreams in my entire life! i have entitled this dream: Yum… Fresh Baby Read the rest of this entry »

Oh Baby!

9 11 2007

we will have an addition to the family on or around April 2nd! and we just found out this week, that it’s gonna be a girl!


See? No weenie here!