20 12 2007


today is our departmental Christmas pot-luck lunch… mmmm, yummy! i was supposed to get some kind of “creative munchie”. but when i woke up and i was reminded that i had completely forgot about it. in times like these i look to the only one capable of getting me out of conundrums like these… Target! yes, it’s been the saving grace for quite a few people.

so i set out to work a bit early so i could hit up Target and get to work on time. except i forgot Target doesn’t open until 8am. no worries, it’s 4-till! so i sat in my car watching one or two people waiting outside the locked doors on this frosty December morn. i watched as the red-shirted, bulls-eye worker unlocked the far entrance. that’s my cue! i approched the entrance on the the other end of the store, which was closer to me, and remembered why i didn’t join the ones waiting earlier.

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