The Cosby’s kitchen door…

7 07 2008

Does anyone remember the Cosby Show? I used to love that show! Even now, when I’m flipping around late at night I’ll catch it on tv and watch a few minutes. I remember I used to watch it with my grandfather every Thursday night, when my parents would go to choir practice. I remember being excited to watch it one Thursday night in the early 90’s, but instead finding myself glued to the news programs that ran all night when the Gulf War started.

All that to ask… does anyone remember an episode when someone in the family got smacked in the face by that blasted two-way kitchen door? Seriously, that’s it… that’s all I’m asking. I just can’t remember an episode where that happened! I would think if it were true to life that would take place at some point. At least it would happen to Kenny or that fat chubby friend that was always scared. What was his name and what is he up to now a days?

hmm, random thought…




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13 04 2009

The episode where Sondra and Elvin decided they were quitting college to open a wilderness store. Cliff and Clair angry and discussing it in the kitchen. Theo was eavesdropping on the other side of the door. Cliff knew he was there and kicked the door really hard and hit Theo. Other than that I don’t recall an episode where anybody got hit with it.

8 01 2015
J play

i was looking for the episode also glad i came here! i found the episode its called “Call of the wild”… Thanks Antoinette!

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