Pardon me, do you have 97 seconds to spare?

12 07 2008

What can you do in 97 seconds? Well here are a few things to pass the time…

  • Pretend you’re a robot – Walk down the street with mechanical movements, adding ‘zzzzzt’ sounds with each motion. Pretending to have a motor or something. Try not to do the “Robot” dance, but we all know you will!
  • Learn blow spit bubbles – An interesting little talentless talent I picked up in the 6th grade. Gleeking was all the rage, but I couldn’t do it to save my life. So my friend Ed Winikie taught me how to blow a spit bubble! I’ve been grossing out my wife ever since I started dating her… thanks Ed!
  • Nuke a Hot Pocket – One of life’s guilty pleasures! Quick, easy, delicious, a million flavors! They’re Ramen Noodles for adults, everyone eats them but most of us don’t want to admit it.

Ok, I’m guessing you all won’t do these things with your 97 seconds… well, my sister-in-law Beth will, she’s hella cool like that! But let me give you something you can do with 97 seconds.

Some of you know I’ve been raving about my favorite new Blog, It’s a sarcastic look at all the funny, stupid and ridiculous things Christians do. Not to make fun of Christians, but to poke fun at certain things and sometimes say “Should we do this better?”. The blog is written by a chap who goes by the blogger name Prodigal John.

Not too long ago he started a new blog called With a totally different feel from the afore mentioned, takes a look at the bible chapter by chapter. Each post is a short summary about the chapter that you can read in about 97 seconds. I read a little slower, so lets say an even 120 seconds.

It’s a really good way for those of us who don’t read the bible as much as we should. It’s also good for those who are looking to fit in a little devotion over the lunch break at work… why not? I’ll be honest, I’ve been really lousy at making time to read the bible. This blog has been awesome for me, especially with the recent addition to the family. That’s right… I just blamed my spiritual lull on my 3 month old daughter!

In all seriousness you should check it out, it’ll only take you 97 seconds… then you can get back to your hot pocket.




4 responses

12 07 2008

I know what you can do with a few 97 seconds….how about slopping some paint on the closet door 😉 Love ya!

17 07 2008

please don’t cuss at me.

17 07 2008

It was a compliment… seriously!

17 07 2008

it was a joke…seriously! I thought I was being funny. I guess not. HA!

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