15 07 2008

Cheesy Jackpot!So today I arrived at work. The first thing I usually do is put my lunch in the fridge. So I head up to the 2nd floor kitchen… I pass the exec’s offices, wave to the dorky Star Trek IT guy, peer over the “talker’s” cube to see if I can avoid them while they are distracted by the computer screen, and and make a right into the kitchen.

The first thing that came to mind… JACKPOT!!! Right there before my eyes were 10 EASY-MAC containers with a huge sign, that looked like it was written by a blind person. “PLEASE HELP YOURSELF” it said… and I wondered if everyone would think any less of me if I really did help myself to all 10. But I thought better of myself, they aren’t very good for you. All that processed cheese crap gunking up my pipes… uuchhkk!

This usually happens as a result of someone having a bunch of food at home that’s not good enough or too fattening for them. They come to the conclusion that they should just make all their “friends” at work eat it! And that’s when you show up at work and there in the kitchen is a pile of 24,000 donuts!

“Jerry… who brought these in? … Oh well that was sooooo nice of Misty! I’ll just put my lunch into the fridge on the first floor…”

So thanks to you people who have great intentions but follow through in such a horrible way. I usually fall for a donut or apple filled twisty-dough-thingy, but I would not partake in this evil trap! But it looks like someone fell for it.

This was the scene at closing time. Only 3 left… how sad, how sad…




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16 07 2008

I bet if there was 20 boxes of candy, you wouldn’t have thought twice 🙂 If there are ever 24,000 doughnuts, please bring me one home 🙂

17 07 2008


18 07 2008

I’d tear into this if it was a hot dog filled with cheese. YUM.

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