Fancesca Battistelli – My Paper Heart

22 07 2008

You guys know I like to talk about cool new music so here is one of my most anticipated albums of the year! Ok, ok, ok… I’m a little bias! I know Franny, I used to play for her when we both lived in Florida. We’d set up shop and play at the same spot, in front of the old Barnies Coffee joint, every Friday night. She’d pop open the guitar case, throw a couple bucks in to make it looked like we were already tipped, and we’d play all night. Franny on guitar/vocals and me on percussion… now she has a new album, she’s the #1 New Christian Artist on iTunes, she has her own ring tone on the verizon network for crying out loud! I’m excited about the album, and it’s not just be me. Enough of my touting, check out what her label has to say…

“New Fervent Records artist Francesca Battistelli is no stranger to the stage. Raised by parents immersed in the arts and Broadway, she developed a love of music, theatre, and performance at a young age. But instead of using these talents for applause and accolades, Francesca prefers to point people to something beyond herself–towards hope in Christ. Her soulful piano-pop sound resembles a blend of her music interests–jazz, rock, gospel and R&B woven beautifully together with themes of trust and risk-taking. In a noisy world filled with sounds and images, we cry out for an authentic voice–one who is not afraid to speak truth and purpose to a generation. In singer/songwriter Francesca Battistelli, we have found that voice. Her debut project releases on Fervent Records July 22, 2008.”

See, even the recond label is excited! I would hope so… I know you’ll go get the album and think, “Wow, not bad… but I bet you she can’t pull this off live.”

Not true my friend, not true! Francesca has one of the most amazing voices in the market today. There are only two people in this world that my wife wants to hire to sing her to sleep at night: this girl on the worship team at church, and Francesca! That would make things a little awkward for me, but anything for Laura. But that should be proof enough, right?

Go buy the album, see the show, just do it and you wont regret it! $10 on iTunes that includes a bonus track, or you can pick it up at select Targets for $9. Let me know how you guys like it…




One response

22 07 2008

Yea Franny, it’s your birthday…go Franny it’s your birthday!

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