Anberlin Desktop

9 07 2008

I’ve been noticing a lot of hits from people looking at my posts about Anberlin so I figured I’d throw those people a bone. Here is a desktop I made a few months ago for there latest album

800×600 | 1024×768 | 1152×720 | 1440×900

Choose a screen resolution and you’ll be taken to a large version of the desktop. Simply “right-click” and “save as desktop”, or for those Mac users, like yours truly, drag the picture to your desktop and set it as your desktop. Easy peasy!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask…

PS – Don’t forget to check out Stephen Christian’s blog. For those of you who don’t know, he’s the lead singer of Anberlin. He has a ton of great stuff to say and makes you think! You can get to it through my “Blogs I Follow” links…



20 12 2007


today is our departmental Christmas pot-luck lunch… mmmm, yummy! i was supposed to get some kind of “creative munchie”. but when i woke up and i was reminded that i had completely forgot about it. in times like these i look to the only one capable of getting me out of conundrums like these… Target! yes, it’s been the saving grace for quite a few people.

so i set out to work a bit early so i could hit up Target and get to work on time. except i forgot Target doesn’t open until 8am. no worries, it’s 4-till! so i sat in my car watching one or two people waiting outside the locked doors on this frosty December morn. i watched as the red-shirted, bulls-eye worker unlocked the far entrance. that’s my cue! i approched the entrance on the the other end of the store, which was closer to me, and remembered why i didn’t join the ones waiting earlier.

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My Little Surfer Girl…

8 11 2007


so my beautiful(and pregnant, more to come on this) wife has been complaining I don’t blog about her. so here you go honey…

my wife often complains that when i buy her clothes, i buy her “younger” clothes. this isn’t true, she is just a little “safe” or conservative when it comes to current trends. she explains it as if i wanted her to dress like a little surfer girl, hence the title. i just try to introduce her to things she wouln’t buy normally! Either way I love her very much and i show her that buy posting this picture of her…


she’ll hate this picture and probably ask me to take it down, but i think she looks cute in it. because she is showing her true self, with no kind of facade. it’s a side myself and few othes get to experience. i love you babe!

5 11 2007


my sister-in-law posted about my blog the other day, so i figured i’d return the favor. she has a wonderful blog that you can get to by clicking HERE. in case you are wondering what she looks like here is a recent picture…


My brother, the Sarge!

25 10 2007


some of you know and some of you don’t. but my brother, Andrew is back overseas for his second tour. he’s in Iraq this time.


keep him in your prayers and such!

A feel good tragedy…

5 05 2007


What I’m about to talk about in this blog all start to take shape back in October of ’06. I was meeting with a friend of mine who was thinking of moving to Israel for work. He had a heart for the people of Israel and had been there quite a few times. As he was talking about everything going on in his life, giving up a great job and all his possessions to head over there and give of himself, I felt like crap. Me and a Friend

Not because he was making me feel that way, but I would listen to him say these things and then talk about my car, my life and complain about my job at the time. As I headed home I replayed what I had said in my head. I felt sooo shallow and selfish! I felt like I was here enjoying my life while I could, and should, be helping others in need.

Then I ran into this woman at work who I became friends with. A nice christian girl, who I was trying to hook up with my younger brother! She was getting ready to do the same thing with her life here, give up everything to help others. She signed up to be a teacher in Africa. And throughout her time of preparation before she left God continued to open areas for her to meet and impact other lives. She had played Div I soccer for Towson University and the country she was moving to in Africa got wind of this. They asked to help coach the men’s & women’s team!

Now I’m not saying if you feel bad about not doing anything to help others that you should go to a foreign country and sell everything you have here. That would be awesome if that’s what you were feeling lead to do. But there a lot of different ways to help out in your current situation. It’s seemed like a trend lately with the (RED) Campaign,, and American Idol Gives Back to give to others in need. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but we can sometimes get hyped up about these things for a short time and then forget about it in a few months. Since my feeling of selfishness, back in Oct, I have been looking for the right way and right organization to work with in a way that would work for my situation. I got an idea from a friend the other day that really made sense, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. He is a graphic designer as well, and he gives a percentage of everything he makes to his favorite charity. So I decided to mirror this with my side work too!

I found a great organization called TOMS Shoes for Tomorrow.

While traveling through Argentina, Blake Mycoskie came across canvas shoes that his feet took an instant liking to. He took the alpargatas–comfortable utility shoes that resemble espadrilles–reworked them a bit, and started TOMS Shoes.


Not just casual chic slip-ons that were spotted all over L.A. this summer, TOMS Shoes give new meaning to ‘two for the price of one’. For each pair purchased ($38), TOMS gives a pair to a disadvantaged child in South America. Materials and shoes are produced and manufactured in Argentina under strict ‘no sweatshop’ guidelines, ensuring fair labor practices and minimal impact on the environment. The shoes are available on-line and at a limited number of boutiques across the United States. Which leaves consumers in many other countries who’ll no doubt welcome feel-good footwear.



So kids, not only to I plan to get a pair of these shoes(unless my fashionable sister-in-law and husband beat me too it), a portion of each side job I do will go to TOMS Shoes.

I hope you don’t think I’m trying to sound my own horn through this blog. I was inspired by a few individuals doing something really great for others, and I hope to inspire others to do the same thing!

You’re What?

12 02 2007


Ok, ok… I thought I had heard everything, but this was a new one. Last Saturday, I awoke to my wife kissing me good-bye as she left to hit-up the gym. Next thing I know I’m having a bad dream, my cell phone is ringing, hollering at me! Wait… it’s not a dream. My wife was calling me 5 minutes after leaving the driveway.

J – “Hello… ”

L – ” Hey, sorry… can you come shut the car door?”

J – “Wh, What?”

L – “I couldn’t open the door to the Explorer, so I popped the rear window hatch and climbed in that way. I thought I could open the door from the inside, but it’s frozen shut and now the rear window is wide open.”

J – “…”

L – “Are you there? Can you come out and and close the door… I’m trapped in my car!”

J – “You’re what?!?!”


At this point I’m still trying to gather my wits while peering out the blinds. I see my wife throwing her shoulder into the door, trying to free it from it’s frigged grip.

What did I do? I went back to sleep! Just kidding, I went out and shut the rear window and then went to bed… just as I’m going to go do now! Good night!