Don’t Believe the Hype! Vol.3

4 10 2007


These are the random moments that I see when I’m out and about. It really shows us all that everyone/everything isn’t what they/it’s cracked up to be!

I forget where I was when I snapped this shot. I just couldn’t believe the “smart guy” in front of me was driving a $70K sports car and hanging his bare foot out the window! Come on man?!?! Redneck-fab, baby!!

Vette Foot


Don’t Believe the Hype! Vol.2

6 04 2007


Hey there blog world… I’m back with another DBTH for ya! I love abbreviations, don’t you?

Today’s will make you feel really great about the american food service. I was passing through a sleepy little town in Delaware and all those Monster Energy drinks I had drank earlier were really doing a number on my bladder. So, I decided to stop in at local Friendlys. Well I found this as I tried to sanitize my hands on the way out!


Right, a sign directing the employees to wash the hands that touch your food… but no soap! And the tank looked dry, as if it hadn’t been filled recently… and when I say recently I mean in a while… and when I say a while I mean the past few months! Way to go Friendlys…

Don’t Believe the Hype!

3 04 2007


Haven’t been on in a while… but I’m back with a new type of post. Don’t Believe the Hype is about all those stupid things I see while I’m out doing normal everyday things. They will usually be accompanied by pictures I’ll try to get of these strange people or events. Can’t promise they will be great pictures, because I’ll probably taking them on my cell phone camera. The name Don’t Believe the Hype is just in response to other people telling or acting like they are smarter than me… these are reasons I don’t believe it!

Ok, our first victim… I saw this woman in the grocery store a few weeks ago. It took me back to the “puffy pirate” shirt on Seinfeld. The cuffs on this shirt were amazing! They came down past her knuckles. I’m not sure how you shop for food with something like this, especially produce section. She probably got a lot of pirate germs all over the apples… maybe that’s why I’ve had scurvy the past week or so! So as promised the picture is below, click on it for a large look at it.