Ween 2007

2 11 2007

Ween 2007

so happy halloween everyone… or those of you who celebrate dressing up in costumes and getting candy! yes, that’s what it is folks, lets face it we aren’t worshiping the devil on this night… it’s way too cold for that!

anyway, onto the pictures!

1) this first one is my office group costume, we enter the company wide contest. we ended up being the only group… so we won by default, but i think we would have won reguardless. we went as Snow White and the 7 dwarfs… and prince charming, the queen, the witch, and of course the mirror on the wall(for the guy who didn’t want to really participate).

Group ween

2) i just thought this was funny… the cow that didn’t make it as Chick-Fil-A’s spokes model.

Oleg Ween

3) and finally… i had to through this in here for myself and Jimmy. Snow White’s actual prince charming went as a iphone!

iphone ween

happy ween everyone!