Why do they think we are morons?

6 12 2008

I hate these commercials for the struggling US car manufactures. These “Red Tag Saving” events where they say “…the price on the tag is what you pay, not a penny more!”. WOW, really?!?! Hasn’t that always been the case? Have you ever walked into a dealership and the price was $16,000 and they said, “Well it’s actually $20,000…”?

They try to play it off like that is the easiest way for you to shop. They say it’s a “no-haggle” shopping experiance. Whenever I looked for a car, that was the fun part! Talking them down and seeing how much you could get knocked off. Not that it was actually knocking off money, because they had marked it up so muc already. That’s a topic for another day.

There you go… I just wanted to vent. So for the almost excessive use of “air-quotes”. I guess they aren’t air quotes if I’m typing them, uh?


Cartoon Time

16 11 2007

this describes most of my days at work… enjoy

Work Cartoon

—— —- — – — —-…

14 11 2007


the title pretty much sums it up! just an old picture i found from two summers ago… of course it’s —–! Read the rest of this entry »

That’s Close Enough!

5 11 2007

close enough

does anyone else hate when you park out in the open, with at least 13 spaces on either side of you, and some smart-guy decides it be a great idea to park right next to you? yeah, i hate it too! i came away with no damage, thankfully.

that’s me on the left of the 3 cars parked in the middle of no where.


More than meets the eye…

3 03 2007

Short post tonight… haven’t been on in a while. It doesn’t matter anyway, no one looks at my blog besides family. And the ones who do don’t comment. Ok… I’ll stop crying!

Can’t wait for the Transformers movie to come out this July! I know I’m a dork, I accepted it a long time ago! While your thinking of how to comment, watch the new trailer…

Transformers – More than meets the eye!