15 07 2008

Cheesy Jackpot!So today I arrived at work. The first thing I usually do is put my lunch in the fridge. So I head up to the 2nd floor kitchen… I pass the exec’s offices, wave to the dorky Star Trek IT guy, peer over the “talker’s” cube to see if I can avoid them while they are distracted by the computer screen, and and make a right into the kitchen.

The first thing that came to mind… JACKPOT!!! Right there before my eyes were 10 EASY-MAC containers with a huge sign, that looked like it was written by a blind person. “PLEASE HELP YOURSELF” it said… and I wondered if everyone would think any less of me if I really did help myself to all 10. But I thought better of myself, they aren’t very good for you. All that processed cheese crap gunking up my pipes… uuchhkk!

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