WOW!!! VW Golf Mk3 580hp…

14 03 2007

I know I promised that my mustache pics would be up last night, but it didn’t happen. I’ll see if I can get them up today. But in the mean time check out this video of a VW Golf Mk3 blowing past all these euro super cars! Click HERE for the video…


It’s March… It’s Madness… MADNESS!!!

13 03 2007


One of the best times of the year, March Madness is here! Maryland is back in the tourny after a short two year hiatus. The Terps have a #4 seed which lines them up to play Davidson in the first round. This should equal a win, but all you Terp fans know we’ve been here before and lost to an underdog. Come on DJ… bring the intensity!
DJ Stawberry

Check back for more updates throughout the next couple weeks!